Users Matter – Donations Cycle [2022-2023] Conditions

Dear User,

MasterBitExpress Bitcoin Wallet is under development since around 2017. Since then, it has not been easy to grow. But we have learned a lot through the path. A path that envisages our most important component: You, the User. Bitcoin Technology, Blockchain Technology, the inherent infrastructure – all regarding an important breakthrough that is due to Satoshi Nakamoto and relying on the characteristics of providing trustiness, security, privacy with transparency and decentralization. We are here to have our opportunity to provide our solution with the duty of continuous development and integration of innovation. You are extremely important to us. You are the motivation, deserving the best effort of development.

We are working to grow with our Users. Every year, We are going to donate a part of the MasterBitExpress Bitcoin Wallet revenue to our Users. This Year, monthly, we will donate a part of the revenue of the corresponding month to a User that effectively uses his/her Wallet, with the same rule to the subsequent month. To be donated, the revenue must be at least 1 BTC. This Year, from June/2022, to the next Year, up to May/2023, under the aforementioned condition, we are going to donate 40% of our revenue. Hence, supposing the following hypothetical (the following values are for didactic purposes of the explanation) revenue distribution of the cycle: (A) revenue of 1 BTC within June 2022; (B) revenue of 2 BTC within July 2022; (C) revenue of 0.99 BTC within August 2022; (D) revenue of 0.731 BTC within September 2022; (E) revenue of 10 BTC within October 2022; (F) revenue of 5 BTC within November 2022; (G) revenue of 0.01 BTC within December 2022; (H) revenue of 1.0001 BTC within January 2023; (I) revenue of 2 BTC within February 2023; (J) revenue of 100 BTC within March 2023; (K) revenue of 80 BTC within April 2023; (L) revenue of 200 BTC within May 2023. Supposing that User-A, User-B, User-C, User-D, User-E, User-F, User-G, User-H, User-I, User-J, User-K and User-L are, respectively, the randomly chosen effective Users of each month – these would be the donations: User-A receives a donation of 0.4 BTC in June 2022; User-B receives a donation of 0.8 BTC in July 2022; there is no User-C, since 0.99 BTC < 1 BTC; there is no User-D, since 0.731 BTC < 1 BTC; User-E receives a donation of 4 BTC in October 2022; User-F receives a donation of 2 BTC in November 2022; there is no User-G, since 0.01 BTC < 1 BTC; User-H receives a donation of 0.40004 BTC in January 2023; User-I receives a donation of 0.8 BTC in February 2023; User-J receives a donation of 40 BTC in March 2023; User-K receives a donation of 32 BTC in April 2023; User-L receives a donation of 80 BTC in May 2023.

Please, read the Trading Platform page of the site (also accessed by clicking on the respective item of the Home menu of the site). There, there is an explanation regarding a form that is required to be fulfilled when the user has the intention of using the wallet to trade. Through this form, the user also informs his/her contact e-mail address. This information is also required to be able to be chosen to receive a donation. This is so, since we will contact the User prior to transferring a donation. Using the Wallet to send or to receive funds is considered condition of effectively using the Wallet.

Conditions regarding the next year cycle will depend on several growth factors, which means that our Users will grow with us. We are working on new technological features related to Blockchain, so the future is exciting, but growing is necessary – to have conditions of improving our capabilities.

Thank You very much. Best wishes of all, indeed,

MasterBitExpress Bitcoin Wallet

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