MasterBitExpress Wallet BackUp

Transactions are automatically signed from within the wallet once required, transparently to the user, so that a seamless experience of paying and receiving funds is the main objective of MasterBitExpress. With this APP, user has the ability of paying for products and services across the Internet using Bitcoin as well as receiving payments to within the wallet (in fact, an inherent feature from the feeding information retrieved from the blockchain and distributed across the network structure which characterizes the Bitcoin decentralized infrastructure). The technology involved is constructed on the blockchain registering features for transactions, by block insertion from mining, which is inherently secure due to its cryptographic features and consensus. That is to say the technology is developed to be secure. By virtue of the fact MasterBitExpress Wallet deals with User’s keys that enable access to his/her monetary funds, the process of dealing with keys presupposes security. The MasterBitExpress Wallet has internal technology to securely store the Wallet. To access this functionality the User clicks on the BackUp My MasterBitExpress menu item. To access the menu, the user may swipe in from the left screen edge or even access from the Hamburger Icon.

By clicking on the BackUp My MasterBitExpress menu item, a sequence of straightforward steps follow. The following ones deserve special attention: the information on the location of the backup folder and the MasterBitExpress BackUp password definition. The backup process uses external storage for storing the backup folder. It is recommended the User copies the generated backup folder to a removable media of his/her preference, subsequently storing the removable media and the backup password in a safe place.

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