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Dear Users,

The system is being updated to comply with the new functionalities that are going to be available, requiring the redefinition of current functionalities that are going to be legacy. This maintenance only affects the Trading Platform. Only the functionalities of buying and of selling BTC assets are going to be unavailable during the maintenance. Since the Trading Platform is non-custodial, no asset is affected. The maintenance is secure by virtue of the atomic nature of implementation. The functionalities of the wallet to send BTC, to receive BTC, to backup the wallet and to restore the wallet are not affected. We are working to provide new technologies to improve the experience of buying and selling assets.

Exciting features are coming. With the background: Blockchain infrastructure, Bitcoin Technology, the inherent characteristics jointly defining the extremely interesting context for implementing innovation that leads to new paths of Optimized Economics – which is decentralized, fair, secure and trustworthy. Within this scenario, PayPal offers an ecosystem of excellence for opportunities of applying solutions that contributes through a Creativity of Technological Tools. We are locally testing the new features of MasterBitExpress Technology that are going to be released – Strengthening Complimentary Applicable Means. While our Sprint runs, the MasterBitExpress SandBox Technology continues to be online, allowing interested Users to test our Solution. The new features which we are working on are not yet available to test, but are also going to be soon. We would like to thank You all, Satoshis – You, the Geniuses behind the provision of Knowledge and Infrastructure defining the current state-of-affairs through which Math is redefining the future, right now at the present. Thank You PayPal, Its Developers, for providing a rich future of opportunities for augmenting the scope of applicability of Economics, also with the Technical Tools Your Ecosystem is actually able to provide through Innovation.

IMPORTANT: The references here to innovation and to the forthcoming new features are mathematically and physically tangible, they are not based on utility from market fluctuations nor speculation. They are reference to solutions to actual problems, not schemes. MasterBitExpress is not a broker, is not a financial institution – is a technology provider, a software developer; similarly, the developer of ATM technology is not being a broker, a financial institution nor a bank.

Seeking the Future, Powered by Blockchain, by Bitcoin, by You all Giants, by PayPal, by Math, by Technology, by People and to People – by MasterBitExpress, all the best, indeed,

MasterBitExpress BTC Wallet

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System Maintenance: New Features Coming Soon